About MagMountz

MagMountz V2 are a solution for quickly and easily putting on and removing your Canopy with ease!!!

No more fighting with trying to align rubber grommets to standoffs, no more over stretching the canopy to get it over standoffs and no more tearing and ripping rubber grommets off and out.

MagMountz V2 use high strength neodymium magnets to secure and hold your Canopy in place, that are secured using HY4070 adhesive and are a direct fit replacement for stock standoffs.  Simply remove the stock Canopy posts, install the new MagMountz V2 onto the frame and Canopy and that's it.  MagMountz V2 are designed with a self aligning feature so that when putting a Canopy on, simply get the mounts close and they will center themselves.  Getting a Canopy on and off has never been easier!!!

MagMountz V2 are SLA/DLP printed using a proprietary resin mix that is durable, yet not brittle and are designed to break away in the event of a crash.  The break away design prevents damage to frames and even Canopys that typically occur when using standard aluminum standoffs.

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