All of the testing for the newly redesigned MagMountz has been done and the results have been amazing!!!  Currently all the existing mounts on the website are being updated to the new design, the product listings is being updated and the new mounts are being made as the process for each moves forward.  We are also testing various adhesives to retain the magnets within the mounts housing to make sure they don't release. 


Just posted to the Facebook page about the updated MagMountz and the replacement process, check it out here and if you haven't already, like the page so you have the latest updates.


We were in the process of updating the frame side mount design, but have stopped that process because now the mounts are being completely redone with much larger magnets.  Any orders placed from now until the new materials arrive and the new mounts are produced, will be delayed until the new mounts are ready to go.


So far, the following MagMountz have been updated and been made... JR Forza 700, XL Power 520/550, XL Power Specter 700, Mikado Glogo 690


We have updated the frame side cup for the larger mounts so that the canopy side recesses in and sits deeper.  This is to prevent the mounts from sliding apart during flight.  So we working on getting the updated images and information on each product on the website as well as running the new mounts at the same time.


Almost all of the updated Oxy 2 and Oxy 3 mounts have been shipped, still have a couple orders left to get the replacements out this week.


Please note that orders placed from now through 3/21/2019 will be shipped 3/22/2019 as we will be out for the early part of this week, but will be in over the weekend to get all orders out the door that have been placed while we were out.


We have decided to start adding various accessories to the website on top of just the mounts.  If you see an accessories link under a category, anything related to that line will be added in there.


Added the Gaui X3 MagMountz to the website - Click Here


The Oxy 4 / Oxy 4 Max mounts have been changed to utilize larger magnets that in turn make a much stronger hold.  The Oxy 4 / Oxy 4 Max canopies extend quite a bit of distance from the mounting locations and this can potentially cause the old style to break the magnetic connection under certain conditions.


We have made a changes to the Oxy 2 MagMountz to include the M2x5 Button Head screw.  This change is due to the confusion on which screws from the spares bag were to be used.  This way, there is no confusion as the screws are included and the canopy side mount is tapped for using the included screw.  If you already have received your order with the Oxy 2 mounts and would prefer to have them changed out to the updated version, please contact us.  Open orders that have the Oxy 2 mounts will include the new version.

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