Synergy E5 Frame Brace Set

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Installing Frame Braces

  • Remove top ESC tray srcews from each side
  • Remove front top and front bottom servo bracket screws
  • Align the proper frame brace and tighten

Synergy E5 Frame Brace Set


  • 1 x Left Frame Brace
  • 1 x Right Frame Brace


  • 6 x M3x12 Socket Head or Button Head Screws (not included)

This is a frame brace set for the Synergy E5 that surrounds the motor mount area.  When the E5 is stretched or super stretched, sometimes the carbon frames are modified to allow a wide range of motors to fit.  Byt doing this, the frames can become less rigid in the motor mount area.  These frame braces help to bring rigidity back to the frames after they have been modified.  No frame modifications are required for installation as existing screw locations are utilized.

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